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Karoliina Kõrgesaar

Karoliina Kõrgesaar attained a master’s degree in law in 2005. In 1999-2014, Karoliina worked at Maria Mägi Law Firm. In addition to a master’s degree in law, she has also attained a master’s degree in business administration. Prior to working as an attorney, Karoliina worked as a financier and securities specialist at a bank.

Karoliina has notable experience in advising clients in relation to disputes among shareholders, conducting special audits and various due diligence as well as sales transactions involving shares and assets, mergers and acquisitions, and attracting investments. In addition, Karoliina has extensive experience in advising on tax issues and as a representative in bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings.

Her business education, comprehensive professional experience and strong logical thinking together with excellent legal knowledge enable her to find effective solutions to clients’ legal issues. Clients have described Karoliina as remarkable in solving business disputes and as an excellent strategist and skilful negotiator with an ability to see “the big picture” and, therefore, find positive solutions for clients while taking all aspects into account.