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  • Endel Siff


    During my long-time cooperation with partners of Supremia Attorneys at Law, they have advised me on a wide variety of business deals. The diverse professional experience of Karoliina’s and Tarvo’s team and their innovative approach to finding solutions gives me a sense of security that my interests are always protected in a reliable and best possible way even during the most complex business disputes or litigations. Peace of mind in knowing that I can fully rely on the helpfulness and professional competence of my advisers allows me to focus peacefully on the development of my businesses and carrying out new ambitious business projects.

  • Ott Kikkas

    manager and shareholder of Fund Ehitus OÜ

    Every relationship is based on trust. Trust cannot be bought or sold - it is built over time. We believe we have used our time wisely because Tarvo Lindma and Karoliina Kõrgesaare are great partners who we can turn to for professional assistance and advice in any situation.

  • Ivar Viil

    manager and shareholder of AS Elektritsentrum

    We are entrepreneurs whose operations are based on elementary knowledge and who, five years ago, could not even understand for what or for whom attorneys were meant. Fortunately or unfortunately, we understand it very well now. I would especially like to emphasise that after talking to the people at Supremia we have always found a solution and, crucially, our discussions always end POSITIVELY.

  • Andres Lõhmus

    manager and shareholder of OÜ Levalex Invest / Member of the Supervisory Board of AS Põltsamaa Graniit

    As an entrepreneur, I need professional and reliable legal advice. Reliable in the sense that an attorney always gives a client the best, impartial advice. In a way that might be “harmful” for the attorney himself/herself in terms of quantity and speed of issuing invoices. The latter, giving priority to the client’s interests, is not something that is self-explanatory in the landscape of Estonian legal services, which offers curves, mounds, impenetrable clear cut areas and swamps. Effective activity, work and business should also be FUN. And it is fun when you have a sincere and friendly relationship with your cooperation partners. Going to a law firm may also provide a pleasant change to the daily routine. These are my experiences with Karoliina and Tarvo. Highly positive.

  • Andres Pree

    Member of the Supervisory Board and shareholder of Eagle Vision optics stores

    As the leading seller and importer of optics in Estonia, Eagle Vision has required legal assistance on several matters over its long-time in operation. We have always received quick and professional advice and assistance from Tarvo Lindma and his colleagues. Tarvo’s professional input in advising us on matters relating to our management as a member of our supervisory board, and also on signing various contracts and on dispute resolution deserves special mention. This kind of cooperation is most useful and necessary for any business, and for this reason I strongly recommend Tarvo Lindma and his colleagues from Supremia Attorneys at Law.

  • Ando Kivilaid

    founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IIZI Group AS

    Karoliina and Tarvo are attorneys who have taken the provision of legal services and the attorney-client relationship to a whole new level. Their competence and speed in resolving matters is second to none. I have entrusted them with a wide variety of issues ranging from the restructuring of companies and regulating relations between owners to maintaining my various investments. I strongly recommend their services.

  • Peter Kuus

    Board Member of INTRAC Eesti AS

    A good attorney is like a teacher who knows the answers; a friend who can be trusted; a father who gives a sense of security to the family. Supremia Attorneys at Law is our cooperation partner and we are very happy with our choice.

  • Tiit Nurklik

    former construction entrepreneur (KMG Ehitus) and current master’s student at the Estonian Academy of Arts

    More than 10 years of perfect cooperation with Karoliina and Tarvo has been excellent and positively rich in experience, even if the reason for cooperation has not always been the most positive. I sincerely recommend their services. P.S. I am even a bit sad that I am hoping to live the rest of my life without needing the service of an attorney.

  • Kaido Konsap

    Head of UADBB Aon Baltic Estonia branch

    My experience with the attorneys of Supremia is very positive - they are good listeners, they get to the point and they are committed to their goal. I am impressed by their sincere empathy and ability to see the bigger picture behind the legal provisions.

  • Taavi Raadik

    manager and shareholder of Metsamaahalduse AS

    Tarvo Lindma and his colleagues have provided legal support to our agriculture and forestry businesses for many years. During these years, they have advised us on preparing several international sales transactions involving assets and companies, and also on the resolution of extensive disputes regarding extraction permits. The advice we have been given has always been thorough, accurate and addressing all aspects. They are reliable partners you can always count on.

  • Tõnu Post

    manager of Kõljala POÜ, Best Dairy Farmer 2012 in Estonia, Farmer of the Year 2013 in Estonia

    In our everyday work, we encounter problems that fall outside of our expertise. This is why it is often necessary to seek advice from an educated and experienced lawyer in order to find an appropriate solution to a problem at hand. In order to handle our problems, we have received professional and prompt assistance from the excellent specialists at Supremia Attorneys at Law.

  • Külli Lilleorg

    manager and shareholder of Fontes PMP OÜ

    For the past 10 years, Fontes has resolved various legal issues in cooperation with attorney-at-law Tarvo Lindma. Our successful cooperation began in 2005 when we selected Tarvo as the legal adviser for the process of management buyout. The legal risks involved in the purchase of Fontes were analysed in detail and the sales transaction of the company was carried out flawlessly. Tarvo Lindma as a cooperation partner has a signature that can be characterised by quick ability to analyse, attention to detail, straightforwardness in calculating risks and legally clear and transparent suggestions that always consider the client’s long-term prospects/interests. Tarvo Lindma’s professionalism in the legal field, enthusiasm, belief that issues can be resolved, determination in solving emotionally complex situations and desire to find a solution that best matches the client’s needs have been the foundation of our long-time cooperation.

  • Sten Sarap

    manager and shareholder of OÜ LabelPrint

    Professional and reliable. They can turn a question mark into an exclamation mark.

  • Brit Pensa

    Manager of OÜ Kliinik32

    My cooperation with Tarvo has lasted for 7 years, i.e. from the time I started working at the clinic, and I only have positive things to say. You can always turn to Tarvo with any issues that require legal advice - he always finds time and assesses the issue from the perspective of an attorney and gives recommendations for the future. I would characterise my cooperation with Tarvo with such keywords as reliability, flexibility, speed and professionalism.

  • Kalmer Mäekallas

    entrepreneur and investor (ABC King, ABC Saare)

    It has been a pleasure to experience that most of Karoliina’s and Tarvo’s energy is spent on solving problems and not on drawing up invoices for clients. I strongly recommend their services.

  • Karin Mängel

    importer of exclusive brands (Villeroy-Boch, Yves Delorme, Ralph Lauren Home, among others)

    You can confide in Karoliina with your legal matters and in return you get the best solutions. You can always be sure that everyone’s interests are protected. This gives a good feeling and assurance that everything is in order.

  • Jüri Tiitus

    manager and owner of GolfLife Shop

    We have had several work-related encounters with Karoliina, fortunately or unfortunately also the ones in which we have been on the opposite sides of the table with her. It has always been a pleasant and instructive experience and it goes without saying that she is a true professional whose work is always quick and accurate. She is empathetic in her analysis and in listening to a client’s problems, which creates trust that cannot be found when relying on the cheapest service.

  • Lauri Laubre

    manager and owner of entertainment and catering establishments

    Our companies and I have used the services of attorney-at-law Tarvo Lindma for at least 15 years. During these years, there have been complex disputes regarding tax and copyright law, as well as other legal issues related to the entertainment business, and we have always, without exception, received prompt and high quality assistance. The utmost attention to detail and excellent knowledge of the field have always been the standard of the assistance provided. There have also been disputes that were crucial for us, and Tarvo has always come up with appropriate and relevant arguments and led the process towards a fair and positive solution. Without a doubt - I recommend.